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Integrity (Bar Clam Shell - Wax Melt)

Integrity (Bar Clam Shell - Wax Melt)


Category: Fruitty/Sweet


Main Scents: Greens, Cinnamon Stick, Apples, Cranberry, Orange, Clove, Vanilla and Woods


Integrity is the steadfast adherence to a set of values and principles, even in the face of adversity or temptation. It is the unwavering commitment to doing what is right, regardless of the personal cost. It is the foundation upon which trust, respect, and honor are built.


When you possess integrity, you are a person of your word, someone whose actions match their beliefs and values. You are guided by a sense of morality and ethics that cannot be swayed by external forces or pressures. You are a person of character, whose reputation is built upon a lifetime of consistent, principled behavior.


Integrity can be a rare and precious commodity in a world that can often be morally ambiguous and complex. It can be a source of strength and inspiration, inspiring others to live up to their own highest ideals and principles. It can be a way of building trust and credibility, forging strong relationships and partnerships that are based on mutual respect and shared values.


To possess integrity is to stand for something greater than yourself, to embody the very best of what it means to be a human being. It is to be a beacon of hope and inspiration, a reminder that even in the face of adversity, we can remain true to our beliefs and values. It is to be a force for good in the world, using our integrity to create positive change and make a lasting impact on the lives of others.


Each wax melt is made with coconut soy wax, clean fragrance oils and infused with Holy Fire Reiki healing energy and essential oils. Each candle is made in small batches and hand poured then cured for at least 21 days prior to distribution. Each wax melt clam has at least 2 ounces total wight of wax/56 g.

Typically ships within 1 week of ordering
    • How long do the 7 ounces candles burn and how much are each one?
      They typically burn for 40-50 hours if you follow the proper candle burning instructions, they are $21.99 each plus shipping and tax.
    • How long do the 14 ounce candles burn and how much do each cost?
      They typically burn for 80-100 hours if you follow the proper candle burning instructions, they are $39.99 each plus shipping and tax and come in black or pink vessels.
    • How quickly will my order ship?
      Most orders ship within 24-48 hours.
    • What is Reiki?
      Please visit the blog section of our website, we have many great articles in there explaining Reiki.
    • What size candles do you offer?
      We have three standard options a 7 oz black tin, a 14 ounce pink glass jar and a 14 ounce black glass jar. We also offer our scents in wax melts. We can do custom vessels for larger/specialty projects.
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